Monday, May 12, 2014

[ROM] Pure Xperia Z2 rom for LAVA IRIS 504Q


Modded Xperia C Rom to give you a Xperia Z2 (4.4.2) Sirius feel


Based on Latest Xperia C 16.0.B.2.13 Base

A.Xperia Z2 HOME & Simple Home
B.Xperia Z2 Themes
C.Xperia Z2 build.prop
D.Xperia Z2 SystemUI
E.Xperia Z2 Framework
F.Xperia Z2 Media Apps (Album, Movies, Walkman, Movie Creator, Vid&Music Unlmtd)
G.Xperia Z2 Apps (Clock, Calculator, Notes, Sketch, Email, Calendar,Downloads, Sound Recorder)
H.Xperia Z2 Widgets (Camera, Clock, Walkman, Photo, Weather, World Clock, Top Contacts, recent, tools)
I.Latest Xperia Keyboard
J.Xperia Z2 Fonts
K. Smart Gestures
L.Xperia Z2 Style Settings
N.Xperia C Style Camera
O.Xperia Z2 Wallpapers
P.Xperia Z2 Sounds
Q.Xperia Z2 Bootanimation
R.True Viper4Android Integration
S.Xperia Z2 build.prop
T.No network/Wifi issues
U.3G SIM Switching
V.Smart Gestures
W.RAM Saving
X.Battery Savings
Y.Advanced Reboot Menu
Z.No Xposed PreInsalled


I have tried my best to make the sound quality better as it was not good reported by the users in the original Rom.

sound patch


Screen Shots :

Links :



-Download the ROM zip and Place it in Your SDCard
-Goto your Recovery Mode (CWM/TWRP)
-Wipe Cache, Dalvik Cache , Factory Reset, System, Android Secure (FOR TWRP)
Wipe Cache/Dalvik Cache, Data/Factory Reset (FOR CWM)
-Install the Zip and READ EVERYTHING carefully and Follow Instructions
-1st Boot Might take upto 3 Minutes So don't panic

Credits :


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  1. Very good rom, thanks for porating.

  2. how to fix notification led in sms?

  3. my soft keys are not showing a light, but still functional. anyway to fix this?

    1. there is option to turn it on in settings,please check :)

  4. I am not able to find the option to turn on backlight of softkeys in settings. Please help.

  5. Please update Led notification in sms! Please update for fixing LED notification.. Thanks in advance

    1. Led notification is already working in version 4.1.5 but the problem is playstore is not working.

  6. I have updated to version 4.1.5 then playstore stopped. What should i do. I cant use my google playstore anymore. .could it be fixed? Please help me. I could not update my apps anymore. . Please make an.update to fix this. Thank you.

  7. Try to remove ur account then clear cache og playstore rhen login again. Hope it helps!

  8. Is this ROM using the Google camera. The one with photoshpere.

  9. A Vry Big Thnks for Rom........ But will u give update of this Rom(4.1.x)........... Thnks again... Plzz

  10. is CyanogenMod for Canvas Hd A116

    Will u plz make this for lava iris 504q.

  11. Very nice Rom : ) : ) tysm
    Where do i find xperia bass ?? hlp me

  12. On both the sim network is not working consistently and even i am not able to use the 3g mode..when i am trying to download the 4.0.6 update there was some download error.pls help me out

  13. not sure what would be the problem but not able to download via Google Drive.. getting error

    "Sorry, you can't view or download this file at this time.

    Too many users have viewed or downloaded this file recently. Please try accessing the file again later. If the file you are trying to access is particularly large or is shared with many people, it may take up to 24 hours to be able to view or download the file. If you still can't access a file after 24 hours, contact your domain administrator."

    It been 3 days I have been trying.

    Please upload to some other site

    Thanks in advance

  14. Smart call handling doesn't work. Any idea as to how to get it work?

  15. how to load sound patch